Tips for Getting Cheaper Cable Television

remote (1)There are a multitude of options for those who are looking for TV cable providers today, but it can be quite hard for someone to get an affordable package for cable, broadband or phone options. Not everyone needs to have hundreds of channels at their disposal, and you could have just a few of them for a lower price, without getting everything that’s in their grid.

Let’s see what you can do for solving this possible problem, along with a few options that you might have.

Researching Options

It’s a good thing to start searching among the providers for any special offer that they might have. Usually, a “basic” package will contain local-access channels, broadcast channels and public-service and government channels. These make up the lowest priced package available, but not every cable provider will advertise for it. You need to call them and ask about this option. One of the biggest UK cable providers is Sky, so get the Sky number and ask them what they offer for the basic package. You might get surprised and you might also find the best package for you through this action.


The Coverage

Going for the basic package doesn’t mean just a small price, but also a limited number of channels. If you want something more to look at, you might want to check the standard package and what the providers have in their offers. However, having a large number of channels won’t mean that you’ll spend all your time watching TV – you might want to make a compromise to keep the costs lower and still have access to the channels that you want. For the UK, Sky can provide you with different options and different packages, and all you have to do is decide exactly what you need.

The Provider

There are big cable providers like Sky, but there are also local providers that operate only in certain areas. It’s good to compare their offers – some people might recommend you to go with a local provider, but being a small company doesn’t also mean that they’ll give you both quality and a lower price.

You might want to choose the biggest cable provider and paying a little more money, instead of going with someone from your local area and getting a low quality service.

Calling Them

bt_sport_tv_tablet_motorgpAnyone you choose, make sure you call them. Take the Sky number or any other cable provider number and ask for the packages that they have for the lowest price. Also, ask for the benefits – if you can quit a certain program and not pay for it if you don’t need it anymore (like a children’s channel), if you can choose to sign a contract for a shorter period of time, like 6 months and so on.

Usually, their customer service will be able to answer all your questions in a very short time. However, don’t agree to make the changes over a phone call – ask them to get you a written contract that you can read and understand. It’s necessary because you will be legally responsible for anything that you agree to and the contract is a legal document that binds both parties to their responsibilities.


If getting a basic package is not enough, you can make an online search for the offers in the standard tier. There are plenty of cheap deals available and with an online browsing you will be able to compare the offers from different cable providers. This doesn’t meant that you have to choose from there, but it can be a good way to start seeing what it’s available on the market and in your price range.